Sue Lendvoy Nicol Insurance

Sue Lendvoy

Role: Receptionist
Phone: (519) 376-5350 ext. 301


The smiling face that greets you on your way into Nicol’s Head Office is Sue Lendvoy, our talented receptionist since 2008. Sue is a calming presence in our office, offering a zen approach to work and life that perfectly suits our atmosphere. Sue is our unofficial “village healer”, frequently taking time to make sure everyone is getting along and feeling positive about their place on our team. Her mantra, “love yourself first” helps keep her collected, but never stops her from taking care of the people around her.

When she’s not welcoming clients at the door, organizing the office or directing our busy phone lines, Sue enjoys spending her time reading walking or listening to music. She often dreams of a small, secluded cabin to share with her husband, kids and grandkids someday; but for now, Sue loves spending her days with her Nicol family.