Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer your questions by phone, email or in person, but for your convenience we’ve answered some commonly asked questions below.

Submitting claims

Is it always worthwhile to submit a claim?

While it is always wise to inform your insurance company of any damages or losses to your property, it may not always be wise to make a claim. If a small piece of property was damaged or stolen, or if minor damages were done to your vehicle, then it will be up to your discretion whether you want to claim or not.

Keep in mind, if you are at-fault for the claim, or if fault cannot be laid against anyone else, then you will be responsible for paying your deductible to process the claim. Many minor losses end up being less expensive than the deductible itself, making it more sensible to handle the situation without involving your insurance company. It is also worth noting that your insurance rates may increase if you are determined at-fault for the claim, which would mean a larger monthly cost for your insurance. If you are unsure whether a loss is worth claiming or not, the Nicol team is here to help advise you.

What information do I need to start a claim?

Before you begin a claim, it is important to collect as many details of the loss as possible for your insurance company.  All details of the loss, the event surrounding the loss, as well as info on all parties involved will be important for your insurance company to process your claim quickly. This includes police reports and any pictures or video documentation of the loss, as they will give your adjuster the clearest picture of what really happened. If you and the other people involved in the loss are providing conflicting accounts of the incident, physical evidence will be the only way the adjusters will be able to come to a consensus.

It is especially important to collect all possible insurance information from the other parties involved in your claim. Your insurance company will always cover the costs even if the at-fault party doesn’t have insurance coverage. You may however be required to pay your deductible upfront, but you will be reimbursed at a later date.

What if something happens outside normal business hours?

Our regular office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. If you call during those hours, we will be able open your claim. If you are calling outside of business hours, your call will be forwarded to our after-hours claims service who will help you start your claim. They will be able to arrange for emergency services if you need them, but otherwise they will simply record the details of your claim and forward them to your insurance company for an adjuster to be assigned during normal work hours. Adjusters will be paged immediately for any commercial claim, 24/7, as they require immediate attention.

What if I have an emergency?

If someone has been injured, if your home is uninhabitable, if your business needs to be closed, or if you require immediate services such as a tow truck or a restoration contractor, then you are facing an emergency situation. In this case, it is best to contact your insurance provider directly. They will be able to page adjusters who can activate emergency work orders and arrange the services you need quickly, without upfront payment.

Please note that only an adjuster can confirm your coverage for specific perils. If emergency services are paged, there is no guarantee that their work will be covered by insurance. If your claim is rejected, the cost of these emergency services will be on you, and not your insurance company.

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