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Like your home, you’ve worked hard to build a successful business that needs protection from unforeseen losses. At Nicol Insurance, we provide a full range of commercially focused products to meet your specific business’ needs. Whether you are a contractor or an engineer, a manufacturer or wholesaler, as brokers, we can help you protect what you have built by customizing your policy to protect your unique business needs.

Our team approach ensures that’s there is a broker who specializes in commercial insurance available to answer your questions when you need them answered!

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Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural InsuranceWhen it comes to farm insurance, your lifestyle and work can be diverse. We understand the unique needs of local farms, whether you run a large-scale agricultural operation or a small hobby farm. Your buildings, machinery, livestock, and products can differ from any other industry; a tailored insurance policy is important to protecting what you’ve worked hard for.

Talk to one of our Brokers, we can help identity areas of risk and potential loss. Farming isn’t a nine-to-five job, so don’t lose needed sleep worrying about your coverage, talk to Nicol Insurance!

Our brokers can customize an insurance package that works for you and your business. Click on the category below to learn more about our insurance options.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Delivery Warehouse

Whether you own the building your work from or not, Commercial Property Insurance is there to provide you with coverage for the things that make your business run. From the building you own to the equipment you use, to the stock you sell, property insurance is there to provide you with peace of mind should something unexpected happen. Property Insurance is there to cover the assets you own that allow you to continue to do business

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Business Interruption

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Business Interruption coverage provides you with peace of mind knowing that if your business suffers a loss to the physical property, your income will not also be lost. Business Interruption replaces lost income while you work towards getting your business back up and running to where it was before you suffered the loss.

You wake up in the wee hours of the morning to news that your store has caught fire, after the obvious shock, you remember that you have coverage for the building. What are you going to do to get the business back up and running from a new location? What about the lost income while you go through that process? Business Interruption insurance is there for you while you work to get your business back on track after a loss. Talk to Nicol Insurance about the different forms of Business Interruption and what is right for your operation.

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Commercial General Liability

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What do you do when there is a winter storm outside and someone slips on the ice and injures themselves? What happens when the product you manufactured has an unknown defect that causes injury to the end user? What about when an employee is installing your product offsite and causes property damage at someone’s home? Having a Commercial General Liability, or CGL policy, in place protects you and your business from a loss if you’re found legally liable for bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

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Commercial Excess and Umbrella Liability

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Does your business present a higher than normal risk of injury or damage to a third party or a higher duty of care to your clients? If the answer is yes, you may need higher limits of liability insurance than a standard policy can provide. An Umbrella policy acts as just that; an umbrella protecting your business as well as your automobiles from larger liability judgements against you. Let the experts at Nicol Insurance guide you through the process of reviewing your business’ liability needs to determine if you may be at risk of higher than average settlements.

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Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Today, businesses are not only exposed to physical threats but virtual or online threats as well. From data breaches and cyber extortion, to payment information compromises and e-crimes, the world wide web exposes your business to many things that can have a serious impact on the wellbeing of your business and its reputation. But with proper cyber coverage, you can rest easy knowing you’re protected in the event of a breach

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Directors and Officers Liability

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Are you one of a few directors that have a seat at the table in running your business? Or, maybe as the Executive Director, you report directly to a Board of Directors? Did you know that as a Director or Officer of a company, you are PERSONALLY exposed to liability for decisions that you make that may not be covered under the standard Commercial General Liability policy? Directors and Officers frequently make decisions both around the running of the business as well as hiring/firing employees. Our staff is trained to ask questions that help us better understand the unique issues that a Director may face and can help ensure that you have the appropriate coverage in place.

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Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions

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We all make choices every day, but some of our choices are held to a much higher standard than others. Lawyers, doctors, engineers, insurance brokers and anyone else who has a responsibility to provide life altering services to the public should seek to ensure they have proper coverage should they make a mistake. We are not robots, we are human, and as humans we make mistakes. Nicol Insurance has products available for many different industries to ensure that you have the necessary coverage for those errors should one ever occur.

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Environmental (Pollution) Insurance

Truck oil spill causing environmental damage

Over the past few years, pollution losses have become more and more expensive. Did you know that most Contractors’ insurance policies have either a total pollution exclusion (meaning there is NO coverage should you cause damage that results in some type of pollution to the area you are performing work in) or limited pollution liability — which typically restricts coverage to losses on your own property? A proper pollution policy provides coverage for both your own location as well as third-party locations for a pollution loss that occurs as a result of your work.  Pollution losses can range from drilling causing damage to an underground oil tank you didn’t know existed that leaks into the nearby creek causing the water to become contaminated or a fuel truck that you own overturning and spilling its contents into the ditch causing the ground to become contaminated. As brokers, we understand the risks, we understand who is exposed to the risks and we have access to provide the proper pollution coverage through various insurers.

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Bonds Surety

Bonding and Surety is a different type of insurance all together. Rather than responding when something happens, a bond is an agreement to respond when something doesn’t happen. Are you a large contractor bidding on large or municipal jobs? If you are, you are likely to need to provide a bond that confirms that if you do not fulfil the contract, the party which you have contracted with will not suffer any type of financial loss. Essentially, the bond is a guarantee by the Surety that they will pay a specified amount should you fail to meet your obligation.

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Special Events

Special event hosted by company

Are you hosting a golf tournament? Perhaps you are doing a fundraising gala that is one night only? Are you serving beer and wine at a customer appreciation event you’re hosting at your office? Special Events insurance can provide you with coverage for short term events that would normally be excluded under your regular Commercial General Liability policy. Liquor liability, hole-in-one insurance or sporting events are all examples of special events that require unique types of insurance.

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