Kim Sowerby Nicol Insurance

Kim Sowerby

Role: Administration Team Leader
Phone: (519) 376-5350 ext. 312


Our Administration Team Leader since 2011, Kim Sowerby has a passion for her community. Between her role as a team leader at Nicol and as a volunteer for the Owen Sound Ag Society, Kim understands the value of working together to make the world better. It’s one of the reasons she loves working for our team; the sense of teamwork and community that fuels every event and organization that Nicol sponsors. It’s an ideal she brings with her to work every day and continues into her family life as well.

Kim is a baseball diehard, spending much of her time outside the office watching, playing and loving the game. Whether she’s on the diamond or in the stands, Kim loves making time for her favourite sport while she spends time with family, friends and co-workers.