Amanda Roney of Nicol Insurance

Amanda Roney

Role: Personal Account Manager
Phone: (519) 376-5350 ext. 326


Amanda has been part of the Nicol Insurance team since late 2017 the role of Account Manager. She enjoys working at Nicol Insurance with the upbeat co-workers and a very positive atmosphere enjoy constant learning associated with the insurance business, and always tries to give clients great service as she feels that is important in any roll where you are dealing with people. In Amanda’s spare time she is busy with her four kids that are involved in many minor sports and she volunteers with Minor Hockey in Chatsworth. In the summer, Amanda likes to squeeze in some camping up north.

What is an Account Manager?

As an Account Manager, Amanda is responsible for personal changes to your policy along with billing inquiries. If you’re adding a new driver to your vehicle, looking to adjust your deductible, or have any questions about your coverage, the account manager is who to call. She’s here to make sure your policy is up-to-date with all the coverage you need.


Tricia Wright of Nicol Insurance Lynne Kazarian of Nicol InsuranceAmanda works closely with Account Executives, Tricia Wright and Lynne Kazarian. Tricia and Lynne can help you through any claim; providing guidance and advice on how to proceed, while working with you or your insurance company for the best results. They’re also responsible for ensuring you’re getting the most competitive premium. Every year, your Account Executive will check in with you to review your policy and provide updates on new available coverages that may be important to you. Contact Tricia Wright or Lynne Kazarian.