What is the difference between an Insurance Broker & Insurance Agent?

So you have all heard the terms Insurance Broker and Insurance Agent, but do you know what the difference really is?  As Insurance Brokers, we represents multiple insurers and are able to shop each market to ensure that you are getting the best value & coverage for what you are paying.  An Insurance Agent represents one specific insurer only and does not have the ability to offer the same choice that we as Broker’s can offer.

So, what are some of the benefits as we see it to dealing with a broker?  First off, you get choice; Secondly, you can be sure that when we see changes or increases in your policy premiums, we will do the work of making sure your premium & coverage are the best possible solutions for your individual needs.

At Nicol Insurance, we represents several of Canada’s largest insurance companies including, Intact Insurance, Travelers Canada (formerly The Dominion of Canada), Aviva, RSA, Gore Mutual & Economical Mutual as well as Peel Maryborough – an Ontario Mutual specializing in farms & rural properties.

We offer group rates for employees of many local businesses, including members of the Chamber of Commerce for most of our local communities, Bruce Power, Keystone, Tenneco, OARTY, amoung others, through Novex Group Insurance.

Call one of our licensed Insurance Broker’s today to learn for yourself the benefits of dealing with an Insurance Broker!

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