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Do you need Title Insurance?

If someone steals your identity, they could steal your house. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing consumer crimes. A disturbing new type of identity fraud has recently emerged. Once a thief steals your identity, he or she places a mortgage on your home or property without your knowledge or consent and pockets the […]

Is that thing insurable?

Maybe you’ve seen them. More likely you’ve heard them first. They are called Pocket Rockets and Go-peds – and they are the newest types of motorized transportation favoured by teenagers and young adults. Pocket Rockets (mini street bikes) are meant for closed circuit use only and cannot be used on public roads. Although they are […]

Do you need Event Insurance?

If you are hosting a party, a wedding reception or private function – whether in your home or at a rented venue – you should consider purchasing Event Liability Insurance. This specialty insurance policy is designed to protect you from personal injury claims or property damage that may occur during your event. Alcohol related accidents, […]

Is it a Hobby or Home-Based Business?

Has your e-commerce hobby turned into a business? Do you run a business out of your house? Are you sure you have the right insurance coverage? If your hobby has turned into a business, your home insurance may not cover you. Whether you run a daycare, a computer repair business, an office from your home, […]

Fatal Distractions?

There have always been distractions while driving – tuning the radio, drinking coffee, or attending to a child. Today, a new generation of technology gadgets – from cell phones and PDA’s to GPSsystems and MP3 players – are making these distractions seem old-fashioned. While these devices entertain us or keep us in touch with one […]