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What should I know about heating my home with oil?

Oil heat can have disastrous consequences. For example, spills from home heating oil tanks can contaminate water supplies and can cost thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up. Get the facts on heating your home with oil, how to best protect yourself from spills, and what questions to ask your broker about your coverage.

Slip & Falls

A 2004 Statistics Canada report estimates slip and falls represent 41% of preventable injuries in Canada. Find out how you can prevent injury on your premises and how to protect yourself.

What does trust look like to you?

We are anxious to share with you some exciting new initiatives here at Carruthers Nicol!  One key component of this is the launch of our re-branding experience…proudly referred to as: Your life style. trusted.™ This is far more than just a flashy new logo and catchy new phrase (but we hope you like those too!).  […]

Changes to your Auto Insurance

Should you or your family be injured in an Automobile accident the Accident Benefits portion of your policy provides protection for you.   New options allow you to choose the level of coverage that is needed.  This allows for better integration with private disability insurance coverage, or individual or group health insurance coverage. These benefits include:   […]

Mortgage Life Insurance: Protect Your Family, Not

In its basic form, traditional mortgage life insurance is an insurance policy that will pay off a mortgage in the case of the death of the borrower.  It should be understood however, that mortgage life insurance is strictly voluntary!  Yet most mortgage lenders (primarily banks, trust companies and private mortgage brokers) specify the purchase of […]

Don’t get caught without one!

To make boating safer for all, the Canadian Coast Guard launched a mandatory licensing program for pleasure craft powerboat operators in 1999. Today all boat operators, regardless of age or engine horsepower, must carry proof of competency or risk a $250 fine. Provincial Police, Conservation Officers and the RCMP are responsible for enforcement. The Pleasure […]

What’s the distinction between Flood and Sewer

A flood can be caused by spring run-off, melting snow, an overflowing river, lake or stream, or even a swimming pool. Excessive groundwater build-up that enters your home via leaks or seepage is also considered flooding. Whether aided by wind or an Act of God, damage to your home caused by a flood is not […]