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$20,000 Raised at Spike it Rich!

On Saturday we took on 14 teams at the Spike it Rich volleyball tournament in support of Camp Presqu’ile! We won some, we lost some, but most importantly we had a great time! AND we were one of the TOP fundraisers, contributing over $2300 to the total $20,000 raised! Congratulations to our team, from left […]

5 signs of an online scam

An online scam can take place by email, on Facebook, on Twitter– anywhere! They can be as invasive and damaging as having your home broken into, so it is important to know and recognize the signs so that you can protect yourself. Read this to learn the signs of a scam and keep yourself safe online.

Shaking It With the Bipper

For spring it’s been quite cold. We’ve been looking forward to the sun, but this prolonged winter has had us in a rut. That is, until the IBAO mascot The Bipper stopped by our office to brighten an otherwise cold and dull spring morning! Check out what happened when The Bipper stopped by for a […]

What is wedding insurance?

Your wedding is a carefully planned and intimate affair. You spend a not-so-small fortune and put your blood, sweat, and tears (literally) into every detail. After all this is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life; this is a day you will relive with your children and grandchildren. It will be a […]

What are the restrictions on my teen’s G2 license?

Your teen has passed the G1 exit test and he or she is ready to experience this new-found independence. There are restrictions on his or her G2 license. These restrictions are intended to eliminate distractions which could cause an accident, serious injury, or even death. Before you hand over the keys be sure your teen knows the rules! Read this for the restrictions to G2 licensed drivers.

What are the restrictions on my teen’s G1 license?

The time has finally arrived. The time when those first few steps toward real independence are taken. Your teen has written and passed the G1 test and he or she is itching to get on the road! Before you hop in the car and start driving, however, be sure you and your teen know the rules. After all this is your baby we’re talking about, and these rules have been put in place to keep him or her safe. Read this to learn the restrictions for your G1 licensed driver.

Drive Sober! And have a Happy New Year

Impaired driving is a serious offence which carries high fines, license suspensions, and jail time. But there are other risks to driving under the influence such as serious injury to you and others or death. Read this to learn more about the consequences of impaired driving.